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How much do you guys charge?
It depends. Based on your goals and digital budget, we will make a plan tailored for you. Our plans start from $500 a month however, the quality of work between any priced plan is the same just the timeframe at which results show differs.


Why is SEO important?
When a customer searches on Google for "landscaping near me" or "Atlanta cookie shops" you want to be found. Without SEO, many businesses find themselves ranking on the 5th page of Google. When you search for a service when was the last time you scrolled past 5 pages during your search? In fact, 75% of users never scroll past the first page. So, getting your business ranking higher on search engines is critical to your business's success, as it leads to more sales.

Why should I choose a local SEO agency?
Simply put, the reason you should hire a Georgia SEO company is that we are locals who are familiar with the Atlanta market. We know how people search, how competitive particular keywords are, who your competitors are, and even a little bit about what they're up to. As a result, we achieve positive SEO outcomes for Georgia-based companies.

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